The World of The Modern Home Economist

Welcome to the world of The Modern Home Economist.

The Front Door to my home... fortuitously Red!

A world which explores the life of this newlywed wife who adores the more traditional female roles in a home but who lives in modern society which for me means a sense of professional responsibility and contribution towards the family’s finances.

Being raised in a society which taught me that women can do anything we choose and be whomever we wish to be was an absolute privilege and I am lucky to live in a society which acknowledges and respects my rights and choices.

Funnily enough for this modern woman my greatest pleasures in life reside in the duties of a traditional homemaker. Whilst you may find that surprising for a woman in her early twenties, I swear to you nothing gives me greater pleasure than The Hubby loving the home environment which all my little efforts create, be it through the styling, the cleaning or the cooking.

Whist only being married for one month (precisely today!) I already adore all the new responsibilities I have had to take on as wife. Although the Hubby and I have been together for nearly 8 years we wanted to wait to live together until we were married. So with our wedding has come a new home and a whole new set of home duties to busy myself with. And so far, as an inherent nester and nurturer, I am loving it all!

Well before I was officially a wife, actually since I was a little girl, I greatly enjoyed the housework I chose to do (no forced chores for me). Many an afternoon I would spend ironing baskets of laundry or dusting my room with a good movie to keep me company (film and television being another one of my greatest loves).

Then there is the baking (which comes very naturally to me unlike the rest of the cooking – more on that later). The obsession with flour started at a young age (when my grandmother would give me flour and water to play with which would always morph into a batch of, rather bland, biscuits) and hasn’t stopped. I get so much joy from mixing sugar, eggs and flour with a variety of different ingredients to get delicious, and beautiful, creations.

And let’s not forget the crafts. My affection for patchwork quilting began when I watched “How to Make an American Quilt” in 1998 (I was 10) and has only grown since then. I recall sitting in patch-working classes during my teen years much to the amusement of the ladies taking the class (all of which were either mothers or grandmother) and the teacher! But I truly adore the process and ritual of making a quilt; just as I love casting a row on my knitting needles to begin a woolly delight (actually my first great crafting achievement was making knitted dolls at the age of 8 – more on that later also).

But before you paint a picture of me as someone driven to live the life of a 1950s housewife, let me fill you in on some other facts. I am not only driven by being some sort of domestic goddess (although that title does thrill me just a bit). I hold a double degree in Arts and Commerce, my majors being Arabic, Islamic Studies, History, Finance and Economics (… a hint to my title perhaps). I graduated in 2010 and having been working full time since then.

I currently work in a boutique corporate advisory firm in which I get to develop my professional skills. There is a sense of achievement that I receive through work that is unlike the joys felt from my domestic duties and hobbies and for me it is rewarding to be recognised for a strong piece of work. So career development and fulfilment do play an important part in my life. But truthfully, the job is highly demanding: the phone is never off, the work never stops (even on the weekends), the industry is predominantly male and I am in the office on average 12 hours per day (7.30am – 7.30pm). Not the ideal job for someone striving for domestic bliss.

Furthermore as The Hubby and I are newlyweds we are just starting to find our feet financially and it makes an immense difference to our financial security having two incomes rather that one. So this sense of financial responsibility makes working an important choice for me right now. Of course I could find other work that was not a time demanding or intensive, but the truth of the matter is as a relatively junior employee in the financial sector “demanding” is just a reality of my job.

I suppose that this is all a clue to the title I have chosen for myself. As the Modern Home Economist I do love the wifely duties of a homemaker but I am also passionate about the areas of my working field; finance and economics. And therein begins my daily endeavour: to try to balance all the traditional domestic household duties I so enjoy whist maintaining my responsibilities as a professional woman in a demanding industry.

I know, I know what you must be thinking: “Here is another woman complaining about the inequalities of the work place and the expectations placed on women in the home – didn’t we hear enough of this when ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ was released” (great book by the way).

Well I can understand that this intro may allude you to that conclusion, but that could not be further from the truth. I promise that this is not and will not become a forum in which I, The Modern Home Economist, will complain about the roles of women. The truth is I have nothing to complain about. All decisions I make in my life are my own (plus The Hubby’s) and I am lucky to have such freedom. I choose to work in a predominantly male industry and I happen to love traditional wifely duties. It is true that these two roles of women (career women versus housewife) can be conflicting but for me, it’s just about finding the equilibrium, like a true Economist.

The Modern Home Economist may need some of those vitamins

I am intending The Modern Home Economist will be a forum where you can follow my attempts, as a newlywed wife, to juggle all the homely duties that mean so much to me whilst keeping my career developing in this modern world. I wish to explore, with you, the parts of my life which provide me so much joy and I hope that The Modern Home Economist can provide you with some entertainment and maybe even some useful information. I also hope to discuss issues and learn from you, the reader.

Be it recipies, quilting projects, funny anecdotes or reflections on newly married life I just want to share all the little things in life that bring me so much joy. So join me as I try to balance two different female worlds as The Modern Home Economist…

4 thoughts on “The World of The Modern Home Economist

    • Hi and welcome!

      Yes you are very true! I find the traditional roles very fulfilling and a lovely part of being a wife (no matter what the era).

      I hope you will enjoy my attemps at trying to make the best of both worlds and fit them both into a busy day!

    • Thanks for your congrats (I will be posting some info and pics on the wedding soon)

      So glad you were able to achieve your goals of becoming a Domestic Goddess and thrilled that you like my blog.

      Hopefully I will have some more interesting posts coming your way… 🙂

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