Project: Baby Knits

After so much enthusiasm for my knitted scarf I am afraid I have to put it on the back burner. I have loved spending evenings knitting away and watching it grow longer but I now have a project that is more pressing.One of my colleague’s wives, let’s call her Mumsy-to-be, is pregnant with her second child and due on the 3rd of March 2012. It hit me like a lightning bolt that knitting up a pair of booties and a cap could really turn into a lovely gift.

Project: Baby Knits

I am always looking for an excuse to knit something but I suppose with all the wedding preparations it never occurred to me to make anything for Mumsy-to-be.

So now I have a week to whip up some lovely nifty knits. I have never made baby apparel before so am a little nervous but they are so small and cute, how could they look bad.

How Cute!

My plan is to make some booties (perhaps two pairs) and a little cap. Should be easy enough and there are so many patterns out there. But I have feeling that a classic look will suit this baby’s family so I went home last night and raided my mum’s old pattern books. There are so many styles to choose from and they are all so cute!

I haven’t settled on a design yet but I will keep you updated when I find something I love.

The trickiest thing about this present is I don’t know the sex of the child yet (the parents wanted to be surprised). I tend to be of the more traditional mentality that there are colours for boys and colours for girls which makes knitting something appropriate for either sex a little risqué. I decided to do something that could suit a boy or a girl, perhaps lemon or red.

But then I though it may be a good idea to check Mumsy-to-be’s sister (who is also the wife of one of my other colleague, i.e. my colleagues are brothers-in-law). Luckily I did. She told me that Mumsy-to-be loves neutral tones and anything white, beige or sandy would be perfect.  That made things a lot easier as I also love those tones and they can work really well for either sex.

Neutral Baby Apparel

In my lunch break I scurried down to Lincraft to pick up my supplies. Even though I hadn’t chosen a pattern they all pretty much need very small size needles (I bought a US2 and US3) and 4 ply wool. I was very disappointed that they didn’t have more neutral toned wool but after some hunting I settled and a classic white and a nice off-white (hopefully there will be enough of a contrast for stripes and what not). Wish I could pop in a pale pink or blue but I thought the most colour I would use was a hint of lemon – is that neutral enough?



....and a hint of Lemon

I also decided to make for them a puppy as a toy for the new baby. Again I was thrilled – I have so few excuses to make a knitted toys. I coyly made sure that the family likes dogs my starting the classic “dog or cat person” conversation at work. My hunch was right: they are a dog family. So I also purchased some soft 8-ply wool for the puppy and his bits and pieces (collar, bones and bowl).

The Puppy - I hope my turns out nearly as perfect as this...

All my organising has fallen into place. I have the needles, the wool and a plethora of patterns. I am all good to go. What a great feeling for a Friday afternoon! I have the perfect weekend project and am so excited to go home and start knitting! If only I could control the weather and make it rain (Melbourne has 30 degree sunny days forecast for the weekend) then life would be perfect…

I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend and The Modern Home Economist looks forward to updating you with Project: Baby Knits next week…


And Booties...

11 thoughts on “Project: Baby Knits

  1. Baby knits are the crack of the knitting world! They work up so quick and are so adorable, you have to knit another and another and another… Can’t wait to see the finished items!

    • Haha. Yes they are! I have become addicted – all I keep doing is knitting booties – I would have loved to make a jumper but not sure if I have enough time.
      Lucky the baby is due soon or I would not be able to stop :). Although I know a few expecting mothers – looks like I know where my next score is coming from 😉

      Thanks for stopping by…

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