A Surprising Honour!

I have been a little under the weather the last few days and apologise for my absence. I awoke on Monday morning physically unable to get out of bed – suddenly terribly fatigued with sore muscles. Since then the flu symptoms have continued but I am on the mend.

To my utter surprise, I received a lovely little pick me up yesterday morning. I was honoured to be given the Kreativ Blogger award – nominated by the generous (and incredibly talented) blogger who writes “A Detailed House” – where she shares her thoughts on architectural details, interior design and DIY home projects.

I started The Modern Home Economist less than a month ago to discuss day-to-day musings regarding housewifery, homemaking, career aspirations, crafts and cooking, wanting to share with readers my experiences of maintaining traditional female roles within a modern environment. I am truly honoured (and thrilled) that people are reading and enjoying my humble anecdotes and offerings. I hope I can continue to keep it interesting for your enjoyment and as always look forward hearing your thoughts.

So as a part of the award I have a few requirements which I have fulfilled below…

1.       To mention the generous blogger who nominated me:

Again I would like to thank “A Detailed House” for considering me for this award. Thank you and am just so happy that you enjoy following along with my stories

2.       To display the award badge (ever so proudly)


3.       To list 10 interesting facts about myself

  1. I hate the Happy Birthday song with a passion. I feel awkward singing it and I cringe when it is sung to me. I no longer allow it at my birthday celebrations – but I battle through and sing it for others
  2. When I was awarded school captain of my high school my mum said I could enjoy a reward. I asked for a sewing machine

    My Sewing Machine - we have a special bond

  3. When I got my sewing machine I was so excited to use it that I started machine working the squares for my first quilt.  However, so adamant I was so hand sew the whole thing, I unpicked all the squares and hand stitched them
  4. I hate going to the gym but try to go often, feeling it is important to stay fit – boxing is my favourite class
  5. I can read and write Arabic, understand bits and pieces but cannot speak it (and am too shy to practise)
  6. While studying I used to watch an entire series of a television show on DVD. To me it was like background music, but less distracting as I didn’t get caught up with constantly changing tracks. I can recite Seinfeld, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Frasier, Dexter, Law & Order and many others by heart. My DVD collection is substantial

    The DVDs

  7. My taste in music is extremely eclectic and my playlists include an odd mix of classical, pop, R&B, dance and Arabic music
  8. I am one of the most indecisive people you could meet. I battle with making choices: be it what to cook or a new item I have purchased. I do not feel at ease until my decisions are approved by family and friends
  9. I wish I could play the piano. It was the instrument I wanted to learn at school, but my mum was scarred from her own days of being forced to learn scales (she hated learning piano). So instead I took up the flute, but I still long to be able to play the piano fluently and vow to learn – I try to teach myself my favourite songs as I can read music and I know the piano keys.
  10. I have always wanted a kitten. Since I was little I have dreamed of petting a kitten. But my parents couldn’t stand kittens. Now I have my own place my friend (with multiple cats) warned me about a kitten’s ability to destroy all my new furniture. I am cautious of that, but I still want one. Ideally I would love a grey flecked kitten and I wish to call it Smudge.

    Potentially my future kitten

4.       To nominate 6 other blogs which I enjoy following and let them know

I found this incredibly difficult to do as I follow over 50 blogs devotedly, ranging from baking to quilting and I enjoy them all very much, as well as learning a variety of different things from them. So the few I have chosen here were hard to pick but I felt that their work deserved the recognition. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

Laura Gets Crafty – An avid knitter who enjoys sharing her daily knitting endeavours and little snippets of her life. I enjoy keeping track of her project status, funny anecdotes and knitting tips and tricks

Knit Faster – This blog generously shares some fantastic patterns and contains lots of knitting tips and tricks. I always appreciate her willingness the share her beautiful patterns and tid-bits from her life

West Coast Crafty – this blogger and I share a passion for log cabin quilts and lovely fabrics. This blog contains funny anecdotes about quilting and random craft projects. She shares great patterns and the blog is beautifully presented

Baker on the Rise – a fantastic source of delicious desserts and baking wonders. This blog is beautiful and has endless source of fantastic recipes which are always splendidly catalogued. The recipes are well written and great to follow

Baker Bettie – A wonderful baker whose blog is just beautiful – the photographs are so lovely. She has a great range of recipes (sweet and savoury) but is currently on a mission to re-invent the humble cookie and give it the credit it deserves, as well as teaching about the science behind baking a cookie

Monshable Melbourne – this blogger keeps me up to date regarding the food world in my home town. It contains some very entertaining reviews of restaurants around Melbourne in Australia and also from some of the author’s meals around the world

Again, I am so humbled and honored by this award and really appreciate all those who read, comment on and enjoy The Modern Home Economist. Thank You!

4 thoughts on “A Surprising Honour!

  1. Congratulations on your honour. It was fun reading about you. I have a feeling that if you don’t get a kitten soon, one will miraculously show up. I hope so. I enjoy reading your posts. ~Gerean

  2. Thank you lady! This is so sweet and well deserved for you to get it too! I am going to be adding a “blogs I admire section soon” to my site and yours will surely be on it.

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