Another Surprising Honour

Again I have been honoured with an award from a fellow blogger: The Liebster Blog Award who was given to me by the rockin’ cook at Rock Salt.

My understanding is that The Liebster Blog award is for blogs which deserve some more recognition and following than they currently possess. Apparently it is for bloggers creating some interesting posts but needing some publicity.

I must say I was thrilled by this award because someone out there is enjoying my work enough to think that others should know about it. I have been blogging for just over a month now and truly love the response I get from my readers, commenters and followers. I hope I can continue to keep you interested.

In accepting the Liebster Blog Award I agree to:

  1. Thanking the giver and linking back to the blogger who gave it to you.

I really want to thank Rock Salt for nominating me for the award. I am humbled as her work is really fantastic and I am so honoured that she thought The Modern Home Economist was interesting enough to mention. Rock Salt is a really outstanding cooking blog from “a rock chick who happens to like cooking while she rocks out”. Her current feature “Year of the Bread” has showcased some excellent bread varieties and recipes. It will be my one stop shop for bread recipes and reference when I am ready to begin baking with yeast.

  1. Copying and pasting the award on your blog.

This one was easy – isn’t it a cute award.

  1. Revealing my top 5 bloggers and letting them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

I must say this one was tough as I follow a lot of blogs but I thought these bloggers deserved a special mention. I must note I have no idea how many followers these blogs have – I just nominated the blogs purely based on their own merit and because I thought they deserved some extra recognition!

My Favorite Color – The quilts created by this blogger are amazing and she has done so many of them! A very bright and vibrant blog sure to inspire fellow crafters

Oh Sew Tempting – A fantastic blog for quilting enthusiasts. It features some beautiful quilts, interesting posts surrounding quilting and helpful tutorials

Milk Bottle – This blog showcases some lovely knitting projects in a truly beautiful way. The blog’s presentation is really wonderful and content is great for knitters and crafters.

KFKlever – What a knitter. This blog showcases KFKlever’s amazing knitted creations and patterns. She is fantastic at lace work and is kind enough to share many of her patterns.

The Kitchen Blog – an excellent blog which features many tasty recipes. It is really great source of inspiration for new cooks, in particular, as it features fantastic pictures, instructions and tips.

Thank you again for the award and I hope I can keep the posts interesting and entertaining…

6 thoughts on “Another Surprising Honour

  1. I am floored and honored that you mentioned my blog, congratulations on receiving the award and I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  2. I’m so chuffed to be nominated for the award by you. Thank you so much!! 🙂
    Now, I know you said grabbing the Liebster Logo was easy but I can’t seem to paste it to my blog. Could I have a clue please? I think I have my five nominees just about decided but it is so difficult to choose. Thank you again and congratulations on your fab blog 🙂 Avis x

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