Yet Another Surprising Honour!

I am proud to say my humble blog has been nominated for another award. The Versatile Blogger Award was shared with me by “From the Kitchen of Eloise“, a great resource for numerous recipes and food inspirations. I thank her very much for the nomination and her comments on my blog.

I am so thrilled that more and more readers are finding my blog interesting. I am trying to keep the posts entertaining and appealing. I really enjoy sharing the little pleasures and activities of my life with my online community of friends from all over the world and I also love reading their contributions.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share with readers and learn from them about balancing family life and work. I also wanted to discuss my passions. Since starting I have learnt so much more about my favourite crafting hobbies (quilting and knitting) and challenged myself in the kitchen (especially when baking) all because I have been so inspired by my fellow bloggers and their endeavors. I also love love love the fact that I  now have a picture library of all my creations (be it food or crafts) and people are interested enough to read about them.

I am so happy I took the plunge and started The Modern Home Economist (I was apprehensive because I have always steered clear of virtual communication, not having a Facebook, My Space or Twitter account). I really like sharing my little world with you and hope to keep you interested in reading…

The rules for the award are as follows:

  • Thank the Nominator

Thank you to “From the Kitchen of Eloise” for nominating me for the award. I am so glad you enjoy my blog and I find yours a great source of inspiration in the kitchen.

  • Display the Award
  • Nominate 7 Other Blogs and tell them the good news
  1. Sincerely, Sara – I love following Sara’s daily adventures (especially when they feature her lovely son) and all her beautiful crafty projects
  2. Building This Nest – I quite enjoy following the newly wed adventures and DIY home techniques on Building this Nest. Its full of recipes, tips, tricks and great ideas
  3. Saffron and Honey – such fantastic and innovative recipes all in a beautifully presented site. I so enjoy reading the new recipes each day and have a long list of things I want to try
  4. The Patterened Plate – lots of delicious recipes and such an extensive listing. Never again will you ask, “I have nothing to make” as you will always find an interesting recipe here
  5. Knitters Rumble! – follow 3 knitters as they battle it out over their needles. The more projects they complete, the more points they get and it’s really fun keeping track of their projects
  6. Stasia Crafts – a fantastic resource for yarn enthusiast. There is some great tutorials for knitting and crochet and some handy links to other useful resources
  7. Blooming Poppies – a blog that is full of beautiful quilts (and some knitting – you must see the lovely cardigan recently featured) and handy tips and tricks
  • Share 7 Facts
  1. I am a world-class chocoholic but proud to say I have never consumed a family block of chocolate on my own in one sitting……………….yet
  2. My first trip overseas was for my honeymoon and I was lucky enough to witness paradise (the Maldives)
  3. I was married on Friday the 13th and did not have anything go wrong – lucky me!
  4. I am obsessed with games nights. Every time my friends come over to The Hubby and my new home we manage to lure them into playing Pictionary instead of going out to some silly club
  5. I would love to do a tour of all the craft festivals and shops around America – there seems to be so many amazing ones (which I have learnt from blogging)
  6. When I eat hot chips I separate my serving into three piles and use three different condiments for each: tomato sauce, white vinegar and soy sauce. Yes the last one freaks out everyone I know, not just you
  7. There are some things I absolutely love to eat but have never tried making myself: any type of bread, banana fritters, beef and black been sauce, wedges, cheesecake, potato cakes/hash browns and chocolate fondant to name a few – I am sure there are others

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Yet Another Surprising Honour!

  1. First of all, my apologies for my tardiness! I’ve been swamped and have just had the chance to come out for air and catch-up.

    Thankyou so much for the nomination, I am so pleased you find my blog interesting enough to award it! 🙂

    And well done, congratulations, to you too! Am looking forward to getting to know your award winning blog better!

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