Scrabble Homeware

These nifty Scrabble household items were a housewarming present from my mother. She works in a large bookstore so is always coming across these types of interesting items.

Scrabble Mugs

I really find that they add a hint of personalisation and quirkiness to our kitchen… I keep them on our kitchen bench as a subtle decorative tool and they look really sweet.

I think they are so fun. The Hubby and I each have a cup with the first letter of our names and a tea towel which replicates the scrabble board.

Scrabble Tea Towel

For some reason I always have a mug-de-jour, a favourite cup with which I like drinking my tea from (nope I don’t like coffee, I am a tea girl through and through). It must be weird but for a certain period of time I like to drink my tea from that mug only, it just tastes better. Am I the only one who places preference values on her mugs?

Beloved Tea Box

My poor unloved other mugs...

I am too scared to use the tea towel. It is so pretty I don’t want to get it dirty, because let’s be honest the crisp fabric of tea towels is never the same again after its first wash.

As an interesting sidenote about Scrabble, The Hubby and I have played it a few times. Much to my surprise, and his pleasure, he beats me every time. I know that must be a horrible thing to say (bad wife!) but he and I both know I am the wordier, nerdy one and it would just make sense for me to win a game based on word puzzles.

Alas, he beats me every time, which I just don’t think is fair since he slaughters me at all the boyish video games as well. Often when we play racing games and as I struggle to complete a lap and he has already finished. Even the game gets sick of waiting and just disqualifies me. So it’s just not fair that he wins at wordy games too.

But such is life. It doesn’t help that his letter from his mug “S” also gets a higher word score that mine “I”. In our marriage I am just doomed to lose the battles, the universe just wants it that way…

Triple word score for "S"

Double word score for poor "I"

Anyway I just thought I would share these items with you. Do you have any similar quirky pieces which lift up your home space?

If anyone is a Scrabble fan and wants a mug I did some digging. There are a lot of sites selling them such as this one:

17 thoughts on “Scrabble Homeware

  1. How fab is that tea towel? I’m like you with fancy tea towels, there’s no way I’d risk sullying them. This attitude paid off recently when a friend was shooting cakes for my blog and asked for a crisp tea towel to be used as a prop. Out came the precious Donna Hay tea towel and it made the shot!

  2. What cute kitchen items. Love the mugs. I have a Laurel Burch mug that I can’t live without. It’s got the spotted cats on it and it is my favorite.

  3. Oh, I am thrilled you posted this online! I’ve never seen a set like this one (and I am moving in with my significant other soon—he is an historian, and I do literature). We’re looking for household goods. Perfect! These are so fun.

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