The Garden

The garden is a really important space in my home. I love the large grassy front yard and sleeker back courtyard. We were really lucky in our rental property to get the best of both worlds: lawn and courtyard.

I love entering my front gates and having grass surrounding the walkway to my entry. There are so many lovely trees and plants that its makes home seem very welcoming.

I also really enjoy sitting in the sun with lots of friends over on my lounge suite in the courtyard while The Hubby is grilling away on the barbeque. We have spent many fun afternoons and evenings lounging out here over summer.

Outdoor Lounge - perfect for relaxing or entertaining, a generous wedding present from my brother-in-law

Gardens, courtyards, balconies or even just plants and flowers are so important in a living space. I believe they really add a lot of warmth to a home. I love looking out from my windows and seeing leafy trees with birds playing in them or the vibrant colours of our flowers. When relaxing I often just sit on the couch and watch the wind blowing the large birch tree. It’s even more comforting when it rains.

Climbing Plant

No matter what I always try to keep some fresh flowers in the house and usually buy a bunch every 2 weeks. It’s costly (especially in Australia) but worth the warmth it adds to our living space.

One day, when I have more time, I would love to learn more about gardening. For now I enjoy the peacefulness of watering our plants in the morning, but other than that my time in the garden is limited.

Watering Can

For now the first thing I am going to work on will be a herb garden. It may not happen any time soon but The Hubby and I both want to have an area in our garden spilling with parsley, mint, basil, rosemary,  thyme and oregano just to name a few. I’d so love to be able to just pop into my garden and pick some herbs and add it to whatever I had cooking away on the stove or in the oven. For now I live with some pot plants which sit on my kitchen widow sill.

Basil Plant

Mint Plant

Some fruit and veggies would be nice too. My grandma and mother-in-law have amazing gardens filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, figs, pomegranates, olives and lemons. They really are astounding. I may not go that far but some tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries would be fun. Oh and it must have lots of roses. I adore roses.

One cannot have enough roses

But this may be a bit of a pipe dream until we are lucky enough to own our own home and I have more time to tend to my greener side… But it’s nice to think about creating such a space because these outdoor living areas can provide a lot of comfort and warmth to your home and soul.

Courtyard Plants - my favorite corner window, a lovely feature for our dining room

What type of outdoor space do you have at home? Do you grow anything? What’s your dream garden like?

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  1. As I mentioned in my post earlier, I live in an apartment so I don’t have a garden yet. Growing up my dad grew tomatoes, cucumber, and a few other things. There is nothing like cherry tomatoes fresh out of the garden! I would also love to have my own herb garden, with basil in abundance!

  2. How Glorious! I wish I had a green thumb. I’m having to do a ton of research to put in a berm garden at our place in the country. The city courtyard will just have to be pots!

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