Fuzzies. Attack!

Dearest knitting comrades. Is your yarn constantly getting attacked by little balls of fuzzy fluff which latches onto your current working  yarn and just gets bigger and bigger as you keep knitting. Or is it just my yarn?

The perpetrator looks like this:

Fuzzies. Attack!

Now I have a sneaking suspicion that I am causing them myself. Perhaps I pull to tightly on the working yarn, but I really do try to keep it loose.

Anyway it is getting very annoying. I constantly have to stop knitting (every 15 rows or so) to cut them off – done by hacking away with my Stanley knife.

If I don’t cut them off the fuzz ball just gets bigger and bigger and eventually cannot bu pulled down the yarn anymore and therefore creates knots.

Help me. Please…

But just to show how much I still love knitting, enjoy the cartoon…

11 thoughts on “Fuzzies. Attack!

  1. I get the same thing, I just figured that it was a natural part of knitting and try to live with it. Occasionally, when they get too annoying, I get my pointy embroidery scissors out and cut through them: push the tip of the bottom blade through the fuzzie, making sure that the yarn itself is next to the blade. Pull down on the yarn to keep it well away from the blade and open up the hole in the fuzzy as much as possible. Push the scissor blade in as far as it will go and snip.
    I promise that it is much less scary the second time you do it

  2. I think those fuzzies are a natural by-product of working with fuzzy yarn. Little fibers get pulled off as the yarn comes through the center-pull ball. If it really bugs you, you could try re-winding your center-pull ball into one that is wrapped from the outside. Then you’ll want to put it into a zip-lock bag (or something) to keep it from rolling around while you’re knitting.

  3. Love your cartoon! I used to knit a lot more than I do now. My boys never liked the sweaters…said they were too hot. Last year I began to knit again. Not much…just little baby hats that our quilt guild donates to a local hospital. I find it relaxing on the rare evenings that I actually sit and watch television.

  4. Yes I get this on the chunky sweater I am knitting at the moment. It’s natural pilling I’m afraid and will be worse on some yarns than others. It’s caused by friction and can’t really be avoided. Mine is pretty bad as I am knitting 4 ends together and so they all rub together into lovely fuzzies! I just attack them every now and again when they get too big and end up with a big fuzz ball on the coffee table at the end of the night – but at the moment it’s a lovely bright pink fuzz ball at least!

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