My Sister’s Quilt

After finishing my first quilt I was keen to try out another. This worked out well because my little sister wanted a new quilt for her bed.

Off we went to my favorite quilting store in Melbourne in the pursuit of the perfect fabrics. I had no idea what my sister would pick or the style of quilt she wanted. Basically she was going to let the fabric speak to her.

You must know that my sister and I have very different tastes. She is much more out there, hip and trendy. I am more classic and traditional – so I note that these fabrics were totally her choice.

Fabric Sample

She chose many different bright colors and also a lot of funky prints. I actually really liked her fabrics choices and thought some of the designs were quite quirky and fun.

Next I worked on the design. I knew she wouldn’t want anything too intricate. Something bold and with large shapes was more her style.

After several sketches I settled on a design, after her approval of course *grumble grumble* – she is very specific.

Design of Quilt

Then began the cutting and sewing. It did not take me too long to cut the shapes for this quilt as they were quite large.

I did make the clever decision of machine sewing the quilt because my sister wanted it fast!

Within a few days of starting the quilt I was finished. Yay! It felt great to get through a quilt top so quickly.

Large and bold shapes and fabrics

Next was the backing and binding. Off we went again to the shops to stock up on supplies.

She settled on a backing nothing but words (which I actually think looks very interesting) and some bold binding.

Simple backing and bold binding with a bright quilting thread

Simple backing and bold binding

The batting drove me insane. She picked the thickest one the store had which became a huge struggle to quilt in my machine, even with my walking foot attachment for my machine. But the bright quilting thread did look good, especially on the white backing.

Quilted: ignore the wonky seams... Sshhhh.

But I was able to relax and calm down when binding my quilt. I really think that this is one of my favorite parts of quilting. I just love being so close to the end working on the last little detail to make the quilt whole. I find sewing the binding to the quilt very soothing and therapeutic…

In the end it only took me about a week to finish, which was such a nice feeling. The quick turn around time of the project gave me a lot of satisfaction. The thick batting did make the quilting process a little wonky, but she was happy with it and that is all that matters… I even made her a matching pillow for good measure.

Made with love...

Have you ever made a quilt or handmade something for someone else who was picky and specific about their requirements, even if you always didn’t meet eye to eye?

Final Quilt Design

30 thoughts on “My Sister’s Quilt

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  3. Love your quilt! I often sew for others who can be extremely fussy! I also teach sewing classes and find that there is such a broad sprectrum of sewing psychology – from ‘perfectionist’ to ‘that will do’ and lots of variants in between! Working out which psychology I’m working with is the tricky part, but also very rewarding. Amy x

    • Thanks for commenting. You must meet so many personalities teaching sewing. I think I am mid way between perfectionist and “that will do”. Ideally things would turn out perfectly, but sometimes they don’t and well that will do…

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