Beach House Log Cabin Quilt

I have always wanted to do a beige and blue quilt. Or “Bleige” as Kearney over at A Detailed House likes to call it. Long before I had a pattern in my mind I thought these colours would be soft, beautiful and reminiscent of the beach. The beige resembles sand, the blue the water and the hint of white almost seems like the white wash of the waves…

So when I finished my first quilt, and my sister stopped nagging me to make her one I excitedly went to buy my fabrics for this quilt.

I could not stop. There were so many fantastic tones in neutral beige which contrasted the crisp blues that I treated myself to quite a nice little fabric stash. Lucky me.

Neutral Beige

Beachy Blue

I took them home. I stared at them. I ironed them. Even now I still feel soothed just looking over the fabrics. I really love them.

Anyway, onto the pattern. I was inspired to tackle a log-cabin quilt since watching it being made on a pay-tv craft channel (it was a while a go and I cannot recall the name). I immediately was intriguied. The block itself is so intricate and pretty and then there is all the amazing patterns you can create with it.

Plus you can add a lot of interesting tonality as you build up the layers of the block.

Log Cabin Block

It was decided. I would make a log cabin quilt using my beach tones.

I would make a beach inspired log cabin quilt

And thus the Beach House Log Cabin quilt was born. I thought it was an interesting twist on the original name of the quilt.

Beachy Log Cabin Block

I played around with the layout of the quilt for days. Did I want to do zig zags or a diamond or a heart or a… well the options were overwhelming.

In the end I thought a simple stripe pattern would be most beautiful for the colors I had chosen as the stripes almost resemble the water and sand of the beach.

Beach House Quilt Sketches

I was so excited to sit down and start creating this quilt over the Easter break. I have been thinking about it for a long time and was eager to start cutting and sewing, especially as I just invested in a rotary cutter (Oh my Lord, how was I living without that tool!!!!)

The log cabin quilt is quite enjoyable to make and you work on building up the block round and round with the length of the pieces getting larger and larger. I found the best way to do this was by making templated of each size of fabric which you can use to outline onto the fabric before cutting.

For each block (I have to build 90 overall) I:

  • play around with my color combination

    Choosing the colours

  • settle on the colors
  • press the fabric
  • cut all the shapes (using my brilliant new rotary cutter)

    Shapes all cut

  • sew the block together starting with the smallest piece (the top rectangle) and ending with the largest piece

    Sewing the block

  • press the seams

    Finished Block

I cannot wait until the weekend to get back to my quilt…

I made The Hubby choose his favorite fabric combination. He did eventually get tired of me asking...


44 thoughts on “Beach House Log Cabin Quilt

  1. I love how detailed and organized you are with your quilts! I’m not a sewer (yet!) but I would love to be able to eventually make things like the beautiful quilts that you make. I can’t wait to see this quilt finished, it’s going to be beautiful!

    • Quilting is a beauitful hobby, especially for someone who loves making home treasures, like yourself. You must try it. There are fantastic tutorials online but nothing beats going to a class. Try to find a quilt store in your area and do a beginners class. You will not regret it!

  2. you are inspiring me to do another quilt for our bed…. I think you picked amazing printings- mixing the polka dots (my favorite) and stripes (a close second of mine) is such a fab idea!!

  3. Oh you are sooooo talented! I LOVE your color choices, I love your layout plans, I love your blog entry and I adore the name you gave your quilt. You are inspiring me as well to get my sewing room set back up and work on the quilts that are partially started. Just beautiful!

    • I don’t know about that. I just enjoy the quilting, and I think that passion helps. So thrilled you like the colours and the process.
      Yes, get your sewing room going – love to inspire people as I have so been inspired by other bloggers.
      Yay – someone liked the name. I thought it was clever *blushing*

    • Thank you so much. All I want to be doing is sewing it. Damn day job, haha. I had the best intentions to make a square last night but after finishing work quite late, putting on a load of laundry, dinner and dishes it was just to late and I was exhausted.
      But your words will motivate me!

  4. Organized beauty! You are very good at this quilting thing-lol! Seroiusly your pics are calming and relaxing. The blocks are going to be fabulous!

  5. Oh, I love your color combinations! It makes me want to get back into quilting. (Because I don’t have enough knitting projects to keep me busy, of course! )

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