Diagonal Knot Stitch Scarf

Some of my readers may recall that I started a scarf some months ago. I then became sidetracked knitting up a baby’s gift for an expecting colleague.

But in the spirit of WIP Wednesday, I thought I would share with you my progress – yes I have still been working on the scarf. I did warn you I was slow and did not have much spare time for my true pleasures.

Basically the scarf is half way complete. After I worked through adjusting the pattern to suit my desired width I basically need to repeat 6 rows until I am happy with the length. I like quite long scarfs.

I am roughly at 75cm and only 75cm to go.

Half way done

To my horror the other night I somehow picked up a stitch. I had been knitting in the dark whilst watching a movie with The Hubby – so you really cannot feel too sorry for me. But a mistake of this kind is absolutely detrimental to this pattern because it is very specific about the number of stitches being worked due to the diagonal knit. Heartbreakingly I pulled out 6 rows and I was scared. With this stitch it is not so easy to simply work backwards. On the pearl side you are knitting 3 together and making new stitches all the time. So it was really hard to fix the mistake without pulling the scarf off the needles and pulling thread. This is what I had to do and I miraculously put the stitches back on the needle and managed to salvage the diagonal pattern. Phew. I was so, so relieved.

With that drama aside, I am loving the pattern the diagonal knot stitch gives and finding it a fun stitch to knit.

You simply knit the right side and make the diagonal knot stitch on the pearl side this way:

1. Pearl 3 Together

2. Do Not Slip the 3 Pearled Stitches Off The Left Needle

3. Yarn Over the Right Needle To Create Another Stitch

4. Pearl The Same 3 Stitches Again

5. Slip the 3 Pearled Stitches Off The Left Needle

6. You Should Still Have 3 Stitches On The Right Needle Even Though You Pearled 3 Together Because You Pearled, Yarned Over and the Pearled Again

The original pattern for the scarf can be found here and a great video tutorial on the knot stitch can be found here. All are fantastic resources from Cotton and Cloud.

So here is my modification to the pattern. Remember if you want to make this yourself and alter the width make sure you cast on your stitches in multiples of 3, ending on an odd number. I highly recommend checking out the original pattern and video as a guide to the scarf.

Modified Scarf Pattern

Hopefully I will be done by Winter. Yes, that is 3 months away for me in Melbourne but I m trying to be realistic… What are you knitting, quilting, sewing and crafting?

P.s. and in the spirit of Yarn Along I am currently reading Amy Tan’s 1000 Secret Senses. Loving it so far.