Diagonal Knot Stitch Scarf – Update 1

I have made some good progress on the needles this week with my Diagonal Knot Stitch Scarf, of which more information can be found here and here (also check out the links if you are interested in the free pattern and design notes).

Basically it is now 25cm longer. Still 50cm to go, but I am getting there…

I still love the pattern and think it is coming a long quite while. The sides look a little wobbly so it is in need of a good blocking.

It is getting longer - but needs a good blocking

Hopefully by next week I will be done but who knows…

More of the lovely pattern

This week I have not had much time for reading but have been enjoying listening to the Dexter audio books. I am a HUGE fan of the show and have been enjoying listening to more stories of the dark passenger – but interestingly the show is 100 times better… I am up to number two in a series of six books.

Happy Knitting

What are you knitting, quilting, sewing and crafting?

8 thoughts on “Diagonal Knot Stitch Scarf – Update 1

    • Oh you have to! I love audio books. They are great when you are travelling or you really want to read something but you cannot use your hands to hold a book (i.e. when you are baking or crafting).
      I will admit the Dexter books are no where near as good as the show but still entertaining.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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