Bucket List of Stitching Projects

I am so inspired by all the amazing project that I see fellow bloggers making. I often wonder how do they find the time. I have been working on the same knitted scarf for months.

Evey time I see something I like I bookmark the pages because I know I will want to make it some day, some time, some where.

So here is my bucket list. All the projects I really want to make. I am not going to commit myself to 2012 (because its almost May, so who are we kidding) but I will try really hard to make time for these projects and then share them with you…


  • Knitted Book Cover
  • Knitting in the Round with circular needles
  • Cabling
  • Socks
  • Mug Cover (for a friend)
  • Knitted Toy (for a friend – can’t give more details because she occasionally reads this)
  • Knitted mittens (inspired by my train ride this morning in whic my hands froze)


  • A quilt of “greys”
  • A bright coloured quilt
  • Trying out all of the traditional quilting blocks. If you know a book or link which has them all (like a library) I would love to know about it


  • Fabric book cover
  • Ironing board cover
  • Needle caseย Image
  • Pin cushion caddy

Any other suggestions for my list?

PS – where possible I have linked each image to their original creator and source.

20 thoughts on “Bucket List of Stitching Projects

  1. That looks like a pretty good crafty bucket list to me! I’m going to check out the pin cushion caddy because that is just too great.

    Also, just wanted to mention that many people have the time for crafts because they don’t work or because they make time. I am often “busy” with unimportant things–playing computer games, surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, etc. If I crafted during all those times, I would probably get a lot more done.

    However, sometimes people really are just too busy with work or home or kids or whatever. I’m not suggesting that you in particular are wasting your time, just saying that if crafting is important to you, maybe you just need to devote more time to it and less to other things.

    • The caddy is fantastic.
      I don’t get enough crafts done becuase I work long hours. Not becuase I like working – I would much rather be at home sewing, but beause right now I have to work and my job has loonngg hours!

      Thanks so much for the advice. I am currently working on changing my work circumstances so I will have more time to spend doing the things I love. Life is too short!

  2. those pincushions rock! I’m definitely adding them to my own list. Currently on my bucket list- I’m making a needlepoint pillow for my friend who just got married with her wedding date on it. I’m planning on stuffing the rose petals I dried from her bouquet in it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I want one of everything you have on your list EXCEPT the quilt of grays…..not feeling that one. Now if you made it a quilt of greens or blues I might jump on board! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE gray – I have two Russian Blue cats (fully 100% gray!). I ADORE the pin cushion cady!!! I love the colors there!

  4. Love your list! I make a new ironing board cover every year or so. Love the lift it gives my sewing studio. I usually make 6-7 pin cushions to match, which gives me enough to misplace one, and still have enough!
    The pin cushion caddy is going on my list here. I love that!
    It seems like a shift is needed. Even the words, crafting, sewing, knitting………..take on a sense that these are all hobbies, things that are just nice extras. Thinking back to my grandmas……….they did all these things and more, but the results were necessary then! Clothing, things for the home, gifts for family members, etc. Perhaps we all need to give more value to what we love to do?

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