The Bio

Welcome to The Modern Home Economist.

So a little about me.

I am a newlywed wife who adores the more traditional female roles in a home. I absolutely love:

  • the cooking (especially baking – the obsession with flour started at a young age when my grandmother would give me flour and water to play with which would always morph into a batch of, rather bland, biscuits)
  • performing domestic duties (being a proficient cleaner gives me great joy)
  • styling the home (through little tweaks of décor)
  • working on my hand-crafts (particularly the quilts and knits –  I truly adore the process and ritual of making a quilt  just as I love casting a row on my knitting needles to begin a woolly delight)
  • creating a cosy environment The Hubby and I look forward to coming home to

Although fresh from the honeymoon I already adore all the new responsibilities I have had to take on as wife. Along with my wedding come a new home (previously I was living with my parents) and a whole new set of home duties to busy myself with. And so far, as an inherent nester and nurturer, I am loving it all!

Yet being a somewhat modern woman of the 21st Century I feel a sense of responsibility to my professional self and a need to contribute to my family’s finances. Being in my early twenties I have a sense of obligation towards utilising the degrees I studied so hard for and also providing stability for a secure future financially. I hold a double degree in Arts and Commerce, my majors being Arabic, Islamic Studies, History, Finance and Economics (… a hint to my title perhaps) and currently work in the very demanding finance industry in a boutique corporate advisory firm as a financial analyst. There is a sense of achievement that I receive from being recognised for a strong piece of work and career development does play an important part in my life.

But truthfully, the job is highly demanding: the phone is never off, the work never stops (even on the weekends), the industry is predominantly male and I am in the office on average 12 hours per day (7.30am – 7.30pm). Not the ideal job for someone striving for domestic bliss.

I suppose that this is all a clue to the title I have chosen for myself. As the Modern Home Economist I attempt to juggle the loving wifely duties of a homemaker and maintain my professional career in about the areas of my working field I am passionate about; finance and economics.

And therein begins my daily endeavour: to try to balance all the traditional domestic household duties I so enjoy whilst maintaining my responsibilities as a professional woman in a demanding industry. This will not be a forum for my complaints about the roles of women (even though career women versus housewife inherently conflict)  it’s just about finding the equilibrium, like a true Economist – of course I can!

Homemaker Extraordinaire and Career Woman... Of Course I Can

I am intending The Modern Home Economist will be a forum where you can follow my attempts to juggle all the homely duties that mean so much to me whilst keeping my career developing in this modern world.

I wish to explore, with you, the parts of my life which provide me so much joy (be it recipes, quilting projects, funny anecdotes or reflections on newly married life) and I hope that The Modern Home Economist can provide you with some entertainment and maybe even some useful information. I also hope to discuss issues and learn from my readers and followers.

So join me as I try to balance two different female worlds as The Modern Home Economist…

24 thoughts on “The Bio

  1. I am very familiar with this dilemma of being strung between fulfilled domestic goddess and career woman, and I love how honestly you describe it here. Most of all, I love that you are determined to keep one foot in each world! Amen to that.

  2. HI – Random question for you…can I use your wording for the “unauthorized use…etc” at the bottom of your site? I’ve had problems with people lifting my pictures and using copying my blog with no credit given to me!

  3. Ooh you sound a lot like me, I too love traditional female things like baking, creating a cosy home and I’m learning to sew. I know what you mean about the need to balance it with having a career, sometimes it feels embarrassing to like all these things after what the feminists went through, but I’m not a fan of having some high finance city job, would much prefer to be at home making something! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting and so glad you enjoy the blog. Yes, I completely agree – but I think the feminists fought for a woman’s ability to choose what she wants in life – hopefully they would not be too mad at us 🙂

  4. Nice to meet you, TMHE!! Looking forward to more lovely posts. I am also a work-from-home mom, and before I had my son I worked as a news producer for Bloomberg- so I know how taxing the financial world can be! Nice snapshot of the ASX by the way

    • Lovely to meet you too! I will be posting more soon but unfortunately work and life has taken control at the moment. You would understand the pressures of the financial industry… Thanks for commenting – p.s. that board is in my building’s lobby 🙂

  5. I am so impressed with your bio! And as someone who frequently works 12 hour days in a financial capacity I can relate. Love this, look forward to reading more.

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