The Crafts

From as long as I can remember I have always loved crafts.

There is something about creating a hand-made treasure which has always provided me with a lot of warmth and a feeling of security. It probably sounds like quite a strange feeling to be derived from a hobby but there is just something about sewing, knitting, stitching, patch working and quilting which gives me a lot of comfort. It’s a very hard feeling to describe beyond that but it’s just something I love so much and brings me a lot of happiness.

There is a sense of ritual behind crafting which is very soothing: pick (or invent) the project pattern, pick your colours, make a detailed list of requirements, check your stock-piles, buy the necessary materials, bring them all home, lay them all out ever so neatly, assess the best way to begin and then start.

For every project I undertake I go through that ritual and everything is made with the utmost love and care. I plan the project with meticulous detail and really enjoying checking through every item I own to see what I have and what I need. But my favourite step is when I lay out all my materials and tools on my workspace at home (after having lots of fun at the shops). It always looks so organised, precise and pretty and I can’t wait to begin using them.

I get a great sense of accomplishment when I finish a project I have worked so hard on and get a lot of pride out of the things my hands create. I often admire the creations and enjoy showing them to family and friends.

The only downfall of my love of crafts is the little time I have in which to finish a project. While the rest of my domestic duties (the cooking and the cleaning) are a necessity for day-to-day life, the crafts really fall under the category of hobby. Hence I don’t get to pick up my needles (be they knitting or sewing) as often as I would like because they, sadly, fall to the bottom of my priorities list – but I am vowing to make more of an effort to fit more time in.

For me the perfect lazy afternoon would involve me working on a project (materials and tools all around me and neatly laid-out), a good cup of tea (which remains at that ideal tea temperature), the fire roaring and crackling (unfortunately no fire-place in my current home), rain to be pounding on the windows, a good movie or television show on the telly (I cannot work without something on in the background) and The Hubby lazing on the couch…

So the crafts and I, together, have something special and through this forum I will share with you this love, show you my projects and give you status updates (plus ask for your help when I hit a snag)…

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