The Home

I have always loved spending time at home and truly am a home dweller. While sitting in an office all day, curling up on my couch is one of the things I miss the most (along with The Hubby).

My Couch

I guess that is why a lot of my favourite hobbies revolve around very homey activities: baking, quilting, knitting, reading and watching TV / films are my favourite thins and are all tasks best done at home. Many a weekend do I spend in my (freshly ironed) PJs just puttering away around the house – I think one of the reasons I enjoyed studying so much was because it gave me an excuse to be home working all day.

That’s not to say I never go out or enjoy being out and about. I greatly enjoy trying new places and adventures with friends and The Hubby. I also feel rather guilty when the sun is shining and I spend the whole day in. But for me nothing beats a rainy weekend spent in doors, giving me a chance to pay attention to my favourite things.

I like the cosy feeling of being nestled indoors in a space that I have made my own. As a young girl I always paid careful attention to creating a warm environment in my bedroom and now that I have my own house I am trying to maintain that same atmosphere.

For me a cosy home environment must involve rooms (I am not a huge lover of entirely open plan living). I also require shelves with books / DVDs and knickknacks in order to feel like the space around me has some life. Candles, pillows and other decorative items also bring great warmth and feel to the space (although I have a hard time brining myself to light the candles as they are so pretty – The Hubby hates it – anyone else have the same problem?). A throw blanket is a must for me as I feel the cold really terribly. It would be great if I could have a constant aroma of freshly baked cookies in the house but for now I have to settle with a floral room fragrant. Ooo and fresh flowers are a real favorite.

The DVDs

The Books

A Candle I Just Cannot Light - I tried once and then blew it out after 2 minutes

Some Pillows

The space must also be quite clean and tidy. As much as I love being home I just cannot relax if the place is messy or dirty. When I used to spend hours studying from home I could not be productive in a space that was dusty and disorderly. Once a week I would clean out the entire room (dusting, polishing, vacuuming) and nothing could compare the comfort I felt in the room after it was immaculate and glowing with the light of a freshly lit candle.

Not much has changed (except that now I have a whole house to clean). I woke up last Saturday morning and the build-up of mess from the working week got to me – I couldn’t stay still. I just had to start cleaning. 4 hours later and after doing the house from top to bottom (thank God for the Hubby – he did the floors – I am blessed with a man who likes helping out) I was happy. The place looked great and smelled lovely and now the perfect place to relax for the rest of the weekend (hopefully not something I will have to do every weekend – I am trying to keep it in a better condition throughout the week).

The Tools - Part 1

The Tools - Part 2

Other that my obsessive compulsion to keep a clean house, I am not bad at placing knickknacks around the place to get a homey feeling. I usually can create a nice environment by mixing up bits and pieces of decorative items. However I am not entirely blessed with a decorator’s eye and would love to add some more flair to my place but genuinely a bit stuck as to how. I also think painting the walls would make a huge difference in lifting the space but I am unable to do this as I live in a rental property.

Some of the things I have tried are shown below but I am not sure they quite work:

Hallway Table

Ready for a Bath

A Splash of Summer

Ready for Bed

I have some great items at home that I love but sometimes when I put them together I don’t always achieve the desired effect. I really enjoy watching home renovation shows to try to learn how to better design a space. I also have been enjoying getting some tips from A Detailed House  (which has some amazing kitchens in recent posts – I won’t show any of her images here and let you enjoy them at her beautiful blog) but am not daring enough to add bold splashes of colour to my own home. In terms of inspiration does anyone else think the homes from Modern Family are just gorgeous – all so different, but all really well styled and homey in their own way!

For now The Modern Home Economist is doing the best she can to create a warm environment that The Hubby loves to come home to. I think she is succeeding (I know I cannot wait to come home every day) but in the future I would love to spruce this up with a bit more colour or styling.

P.S. here is a really funny link to enjoy the perils of useless home styling – its hilarious!

I will leave you with some images of a way I would love to get my home looking one day…

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