The Wedding

The Hubby and I were married on Friday the 13th. Ominous perhaps? Well we don’t tend to buy too much into superstitions and for us it became one of the luckiest and happiest days of our lives. It was the only day that the venue of our dreams had available in all of summer 2012 so we were quick to take it.

A little background on The Hubby and me. We had already been dating for 7 years before we got engaged and are high school sweet hearts. However because we are both quite traditional, we had decided to wait to live together until we got married. In our early twenties some thought us too young for marriage – but for us we knew it was the right time to make that next great step forward into our future. The Hubby popped the question (completely out of the blue) in early April 2011 and we were suddenly transported into this new and exciting chapter of our lives.

The inspiration for our wedding was simple: I wanted a classic and traditional wedding (lots of white and roses) with a slightly modern twist. It was to be a summer wedding (my favourite season) with lots of fun, laughter and hopefully lasting memories.

In the months after The Hubby and I were engaged I began trawling the internet, magazine and blogs for inspiration. We already had our colour palette in mind: white and smokey purple – but I loved looking through images of wedding to gather new ideas.

Soon after settling on our colours The Hubby felt it may be too wintery for a summer  wedding and suggested the inclusion of lemon to freshen things up a bit. I immediately loved it as it was a way to keep things traditional with touch of something cool.

The next big item – the venue. We only had 9 months to put the wedding together so we knew we needed a venue fast. We spent a day scouting some venues around Melbourne but when we walked into Carousel both our faces lit up. It has the most amazing sweeping views of the Melbourne city, with a huge deck area and a modern reception room.  We had found it and were so overjoyed with our choice (and even secretly love our quirkily horrific wedding date of Friday the 13th).


One of the first things I did was build my inspiration boards – one for the colours and one for the mood. Yes these took me hours but they gave me so much joy and really helped me shape the feel for the overall day.

Colour Board

Inspiration Board

And then the planning really began. You may have noticed the slight obsessive compulsive disorder I have hiding behind many of my posts, and the wedding bought this out in me.  I made a spread sheet outlining every potential aspect of the wedding and built up a very detailed budget (I can thank my work skills for that one).

I won’t bore you with all the details / trials / stresses / joys / hysteria / happiness / effort that it took me to find my amazing group of suppliers but with a bit of hard work I was able to find the best suppliers that really did turn our wedding into everything we dreamed. I truly do need to mention them here for anyone out there needing some wedding help as they were fantastic to me…

  • The Venue: Carousel – this has to be one of the most amazing venues Melbourne has to offer. The views of Melbourne over Albert Park Lake are breathtaking and the balcony is striking. The reception room is simple and modern, leaving it as a perfect blank canvas for any wedding. Sarah Polce, my even manager, was a gem. She helped me with so many tricky parts of the wedding and constantly put me at ease regarding the events of the day. She was attentive to all our details (there was a lot), listen to us and translated all of our ideas into the venue. We were lucky to have her creating and running our day…
  • Flowers and Decorations: Flower Jar– the ladies at Flower Jar listened closely to our vision for the day and spent a lot of time looking through our photos and ideas. What they created for the wedding day surpassed everything we discussed with them and it truly was a pleasure to work with them. They were always happy to discuss concerns and worked really hard to make everything we wanted to fit into our budget. I cannot thank them enough for the amazing floral decorations their hands created for our wedding and the magical touch they added to our venue! Our wedding would not have been the same without them.

The Centerpieces

  • Stationary: Deciduous Press– Andrea was my personal saviour. I struggled with our wedding invitations to no end, but when I found out about her letterpress studio in Tasmania I relaxed. From the moment I called her she was patient, understanding and amazingly innovative. She created for us the most wonderful stationary suite for our wedding which was both classic and elegant while being fresh and modern. She truly worked so hard to make the stationary all that it could be (countless proofs and revisions to design) and conducts her business in such a personalised way. I cannot thank her enough!

The Stationary Delivery (look how amazing Andrea wrapped it all up)

Our Invitations

Place Cards

  • Cake: Alicia’s Cakes– it is truly hard to find a wedding cake that tastes as good as it looks. So many bakers focus on the design and not enough on the flavour. Not Alicia. Her cakes tasted amazing! She created sample cakes for us which she delivered to our home and the minute we tried them we knew we had found a gem. The cake was so fresh and fluffy and the icing deliciously velvety, and not sickly sweet. We spent lots of time discussing flavours and she made for us the tastiest coconut, raspberry and white chocolate cake with a lemon cream cheese icing. We wanted a simple design (ribbon, beads and fresh flowers) and she made the cake also look lovely!

Our Cake

  • Videographer: c2 – the wedding videos c2 create are remarkable. They have such a beautiful, simple and natural feel to them that it makes you want to watch the footage over and over. There are no corny interviews, staged scenes or awkward moments. Marcus was such a great addition to our wedding day and we were so lucky to have him capturing all our memories. The highlight clip that he produced for us was exceptional and we cannot thank him enough for giving us the most beautiful memories of our wedding day.
  • Photographer: Yervant – Yervant’s work speaks for its self. As one of the photographers who revolutionised the world of bridal photography we were so lucky to have him capture our wedding. He was like a little kid in a cake store on the day and would not stop capturing the amazing images he saw from behind his lens. He made us feel very comfortable and at ease on the day and he made the photos fun.

Ok so onto the day… The ceremony was held in the afternoon at my family home and we invited a small group of our family and friends. The ceremony was very intimate and the celebrant gave a beautiful sermon about love and marriage before we exchanged vows and rings. It was a very windy day and funnily enough my veil flew off at the ceremony and a beautiful urn of flowers nearly fell on me but honestly it was hilarious. You put so much time into the wedding that when the day comes you just have to enjoy it and make the most out of every moment.

Our Ceremony

The Ceremony

I was so calm on the wedding day – so thrilled that it was finally here after months of planning and I just enjoyed every moment. The minute I saw The Hubby his face just lit up and I beamed. He was so nervous and I was so bubbly but I truly do feel that it was one of the best moments of our lives.

After the ceremony The Hubby and I went into our stunning Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and were on to our photo shoot through the streets of the Melbourne CBD. We had such a great time walking through the city stopping every time Yervant saw beautiful lighting which inspired him to take another shot. Eventually we had to drag him back into the car and it was off to the reception.

Classic Car

On Location

On Location

The reception was larger than the ceremony with around 170 people. They all enjoyed canapés as The Hubby and I got to relax for a while. Then came time for our entrance. We walked into the room from the balcony all to the beat of traditional Arab drums and were welcomed by lots of music and our guests dancing and cheering.

Our Entrance

And that summed up the mood for the night. We had our friends and family surrounding us – there was lots of dancing, yummy food (although The Hubby and I couldn’t eat a thing), laughter, joy, happiness and a general feeling that all our guests were having a good time.  We had put so much thought into our decorations that the room looked stunning and we were so happy with all the effort and time devoted towards our special day (nothing went unnoticed and that made it all worthwhile).

Lots of Dancing

Then some more dancing...

The Food

The Dessert


Twinkling Candles

Bonbonierrie (notice the lovely tags created by Deciduous Press

Bubbles for the kids

Our Table and Cake

Cutting the Cake

First Dance

Groom's Speech

The Hubby's Cigar Bar

Some Flowers

The Hubby and I left through a very sparkly send-off at midnight and drove off into the night in style with something sporty and lots of fun. We both couldn’t believe it was over and reflected on how surreal the day had felt and that it had truly been amazing. It’s important to appreciate how lucky it is to have such a big moment in your life be everything you imagined it would be and savour every single moment as it is over in a flash…

Sparkly Send-Off

Driving Off...

I must point out here what an amazing help The Hubby was throughout the wedding process. He came with me to every appointment and listened with interest as I prattled on about colours, flowers, invites and ideas. He made so many important contributions to our wedding day that you could feel both our presence at the reception. He always acknowledges how much effort I put into making our day special but I honestly feel that he went above and beyond as he took on so many independent projects. He was in charge of our entrance, he organised the audio-visual equipment, finalised the floor plan and even created the whole playlist for our wedding song by song. He thought about the little details as much as I did and feel truly fortunate that he cared so much about our wedding!

The next day we hopped on the plane to the Maldives and enjoyed 6 nights in paradise…

The Honeymooners



9 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. My husband and I had our first date on a Friday the the 13th. That was 17 years ago. A year and a half later, we were married on a Saturday the 14th. The rehearsal took place the day before, on Friday the 13th, and it was rainy and messy, but the next day dawned sunny and gorgeous. We have a fondness for Friday the 13th, too!

    Congratulations & best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

    • Hahaha I found this very amusing. So many people dropped their jaws when they heard our wedding date – but I am so thrilled you also have positive assosiations with Friday the 13th! Seems like it was a very lucky day for you – 17 years is quite an achievement. Congratulations! Thank you also for your kind words and warm wishes. We are off to a good start so far….

  2. Lovely wedding; I love the details you provided. I’m a firm believer in a GOOD Friday the 13th. Both of my boys were born on a Thursday and the 13th of their respective months. Each celebrated his first birthday on Friday the 13th. It’s a good thing.

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